How to Count Cards Blackjack: Look at the Easy Way to Beat the House

Card counting in blackjack

Remaining in the blackjack online game can be hard if you don’t have the bankroll to see you through the game, so we touch upon how to count cards blackjack style. This is a big strategy that will require plenty of practice even though it is a very basic strategy for the game.

Introducing you to the skills to count cards blackjack, become a better player and beat the house edge

How to count cards blackjack style will take time but it will pay-off. So we formed this how to count cards in blackjack for beginners article. You will know of the systems to score the card deck and what point scheme is used to value the card over the long-haul. A true count expert will be able to handle up to an 8-deck shoe. As a new card counter, it will take a long time to hit this true professional level.

When it comes to blackjack counting cards is a very easy way to better the odds of winning money

If you are wondering if you can you count cards in blackjack an easier way, then unfortunately not. Keeping a running count over a single deck that is dealt is hard enough and keeping track over 4 or 5 will feel impossible. But stick with the card counting rules and positive outcomes will happen at the table.

Getting started will need to begin with a single deck to give you an idea of how this works when betting. From this you can increase the number of decks at a time.

So what is counting cards in blackjack and how is it done at the at live tables from online casinos

This is how blackjack counting cards works…

The hi/lo system is the most commonly used method and it’s about assigning values to the cards which is easier to memorise. When a card is dealt from the shoe you add a value or subtract it. The scores are as follows. Cards with a +1 score will be those between 2 and 6.

Score of -1 will be the higher cards 10 to Ace. Those in between have no score.

This is about keeping a ratio from the low cards to the higher valued cards.

The running count covers every card value on the table. So an Ace and a 3 will equal a 0 score. A Queen and a 10 will equal -2.

By knowing how to count cards in blackjack for beginners, you will have a system that can’t be beat

This system based on ratio scoring means you only need to calculate what cards are left. The counting system is a fool-proof option and it is very simple once you practice. To count cards blackjack players must first start small. It really will take time to learn the value cards which remain as you count down. But this is a popular technique because of the simplicity.

So can you count cards in blackjack? Well, it’s not illegal and being online, no-one will be able to tell

Now you know what is counting cards in blackjack you can see why there are a lot of different ways a player can better their average from a number of methods. This is less hassle and of all strategies is the best one to start with. Try a few demo games to see what you think about this approach, it will be difficult to start with for sure but you will actually see improvements because it works.