How to Play Roulette: Classic Casino Gameplay with Easy Betting Rules

How to play roulette How to play roulette

At the first look of an online roulette table, you may think “what the heck” but looks can be deceiving. This game is so very simple to play and is good to know as the house edge is low. Here we discuss how to play roulette within the online format. We discuss the four popular games and take you through the most basic parts of the game and the way it is played.

Introducing you to the roulette rules and how the game is played in all of its different variants

Knowing how to play roulette won’t take too long to learn, thanks to the game’s simplistic nature. The layout displays the numbers of the wheel and the option you can bet for where the ball will land. The roulette game rules can work in conjunction with the strategy of the game, which our site has an individual review on.

The rules of roulette are very simple and it offers you multiple combination bets to help you win

Part of knowing how to play roulette online also means knowing of the different table options you can play. You have American roulette which is a 36 number, double zero roulette table. Then you have French roulette which is the same but has a different layout and a single zero pocket. Then you have European roulette which is your more ‘classic’ table layout with a single zero.

The roulette game rules don’t differ too much from game to game and not for the format either

The chances are numbered on the table and offer many combinations to play to better your odds of winning. The same comes with live dealer games. You can bet on the color between red and black, you can place a chip down on odds or evens, you can choose single numbers or hope for a winning bet by picking specific rows. As a player of roulette, you are tapping into the biggest odds game with 35/1 for a single wager beating all other games. This is why playing roulette is so popular and fun.

Now you know how to play roulette and win find the version that suits you and put the wheels to the test and see what lands.

We’ve told you how to play roulette and win so now is only a matter of putting it to the test yourself

As you can see, the rules of roulette are easy, pick the numbers of grids and see how the ball lands to determine your payout. You can bet multiple times before the spin of the wheel, for example, bet a wager on Red, Odd number and a chip on Green Zero, and then pick a random selection of numbers. The wagers can vary, they don’t have to be the same.

Experience the game before you try the different types of table games out for money. Use special demo games to practice different strategies and to learn the game rules. You’ll have nothing to lose and you will have unlimited chips to play with.

Now you know how to play roulette online, join Canada’s top casinos to play the game for real payouts

Once you are confident with the roulette rules try taking on the croupier in live dealer tables. Take advantage of the bonuses offer by the casinos to play with extra cash. The winnings number can bring about free wins from these bonuses so it’s a risk-free chance and you can keep what you win. The offers are found in the reviews we hold and for more tips like this check out the strategy page for roulette. Where there are more gambling way to help you win. Enjoy the best table game in the world!