How to Play Craps: Learn all there is to Know about the Dice Game

How to Play Craps How to Play Craps

When it comes to the popular game of craps there are many facets to the game, which for new players, will most definitely require a how to play craps guide, and here it is.

Looking at the table is may even be off putting so for all those pass line bet markings, come bet, don’t pass and field, we will explain what it all means.

Introducing you to the craps rules for online casino gameplay with live and machine gaming

We introduce you to the craps table and round the betting option with our how to play craps article. This will tie in with the strategy guide we have in the below menu, so bear in mind to read these other guides as you learn to play craps.

Here you will lean the rules of craps and be able to play and win, with the most basic of knowledge

The craps rules are simple once you break down the betting options, so let us begin by telling you what the core principle of the craps game is.

With craps you play with two dice, you place your bets down as to what you will roll. The come out roll is not applicable to the machine version of the game nor some live dealer games. The pass line is there for players to lay their bets if someone else is the shooter, after the shooter roles, you’ll know if you bet wins or loses. The pass line bet will pay even money to the wager. You win with a 7 on the dice or an 11. You’ll lose if the dice is a 2 or 3 and a 12, this is what’s called ‘craps’ any other number becomes a point and you enter the next round.

So how do you play craps? Here is a rundown of the rules and ways you can bet during the game

Knowing how to play craps at casino is different to online gameplay and the benefits on online are so much smoother.

Continuing with the bets, you have the Come Bet. This follows the point games, or next rounds of the Pass Line Bet. You win and lose from the same numbers as the Pass Bet Line.

The Don’t Pass Line Bet, one which is least popular, mean betting against the shooter or yourself. For this you are betting that the number seven will not land before another number. The Don’t Come Betting option means you are wagering that 7 will land before any other number.

The Don’t Pass option works opposite from the Pass Line bet. The Field bet holds number 2 to 12, if these land then you win your bet.

Now you can learn to play craps with a number of free demo games to help you practice winning

There are many guides for how do you play craps but for most it is a waste because you’re playing online which strips away the unnecessary parts of the game like the stickman or boxman. And it won’t be you that rolls the dice. The odds of the game are good and the house edge is very favourable than most casino games, with just over a percentage in favor of the house. If you are keen to play and have fun, then before you take on the dealers, practice the game first.

Demo games exist to learn the game and acquire the knowledge prior to playing real money online craps. You can familiarize yourself with the layout and understand playing in your own time. People who are well established with the game started this way, practicing with a single game to know their way around it before jumping on the live tables.

Now you how to play craps at casino level, find yourself a site to join and claim your bonus reward

Once you feel comfortable with the rules of craps, you can head to the top 10 casinos list we made that offer this game. Land big wins whilst gambling for real money and get extra help with the welcome bonuses you’ll see in the reviews. New player offers really do offer you extra coins to play with so your wagers can become free as we discuss in our other articles on craps. Give it a try, as you’ll have nothing to lose.

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