Sic Bo: Experience the Stunning Fast-paced Three Dice Table Game

Sic Bo Sic Bo

One of the stand-out casino games often gets not enough credit as it should. The sic bo option is a fast-paced game with a hint of roulette and craps thrown in. It’s one only two casino game which uses dice and for this a total of three dice are used to help beat the odds and claim big wins over the house edge.

We present to you the casino game of sic bo online and what this game provides to its players

Here we discuss playing sic bo and why you should choose this game. We look at the ancient Chinese game and point out the rules, some tips, the betting options and all within a very easy way to understand. Sic bo is in itself an easy game to play and the sic bo table options come either as a live format or played via machine, both of which, will be made available from the casinos in our listed top 10.

Learn all about the sic bo game with this guide, how it is played and how big the wins are if your lucky

To help you learn about the game rules and how to incorporate strategy techniques, it is best to start with a sic bo simulator. This will allow you to play the same specific machines used by the online casinos. You can play a number of different styles and themes and it will give you a better chance to learn how to wager and the overall understanding of how this gambling option works when it comes to online sic bo and sic bo strategy.

The sic bo table just shows you how diverse the opportunities are of winning with so many betting options

For new players the sic bo game might look terrifying given the amount of markings on the tables layout. But there is nothing to fear. The combination of bets is vast given there are three dice in the game. You can bet on totals, this is marked on the table as the numbers ranging from 4 to 17. You can bet small with numbers 4 to 10 or bet big with 11 to 17. Further combinations can be seen marked by the dice images, where you can bet on to specific number. There is, of course, a chance to bet on singles as well – marked by the dice images 1 to 6. You can double and triple your bets in the marked sections of the table.

You can practice the game with a sic bo simulator, this is a demo game which the casinos will use

You can see why practice would be an important piece of advice, head to our homepage to find links to our free sic bo gaming section to pick up sic bo casino machine in their demo format. The payouts won’t be real but for a new player the skills you get from practice, is priceless. You can even take what you learn to the live dealer games of sic bo for more exciting fun.

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Join the best casino online and see for yourself how good the game is. You can experience sic bo online with the free welcome bonus that is presented when you sign up. The offers are optional but it is possible to play with free spins or additional cash for both formats of the game. Give it a try and good luck.